I build things that make a difference.
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Kyle Crawford


Kyle Crawford is a social entrepreneur, who combines a love of design, technology, and social science into a unique and powerful perspective for solving important problems.

His innovative projects have been used by people at MIT and Tableau, as well as a number of startups, universities, philanthropies, and social impact organizations. Kyle is the Founder of Fundraising Genius, a platform adapting startup growth techniques into a framework for the nonprofit sector. And he is also the founder of the gamified global social innovation community, Dwilly, where he's curated 3,000+ solutions to social issues from designers, engineers, social workers, executives, and more around the world. Previously, Kyle conducted service experience design work in healthcare, as well as managed design and data for a major HIV initiative.

Kyle advises a variety of great clients on issues ranging from marketing and design, to community building and organizational strategy.  

Additionally, Kyle is at work on The Design of Difference, a forthcoming book detailing a set of successful, yet overlooked, strategies for differentiating in your personal and professional life. The book includes a detailed exploration of ambiguous brands, the brand typology developed by Kyle.