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I start things and help people. 


Kyle Crawford is a social entrepreneur, whose work combines a love of design, social science, and technology into a unique and powerful perspective for solving social issues.

Kyle umbrellas many of his projects under his growth and design firm, Spotlaunch. Most recently, he founded Fundraising Genius as a means of teaching nonprofits about how to use tech, design and copywriting to raise money more effectively. He is also the founder of the global innovation community Dwilly, where he's curated 3,000+ social innovation concepts from roboticists, entrepreneurs, social workers, and designers around the world. He has consulted with foundations and nonprofits, as well as presented on design, data and social innovation at conferences of all sizes.

Kyle's current labor of love is The Design of Difference, his forthcoming book detailing counterintuitive and successful design strategies from companies like Nest and Duolingo. He also recently launched Choose Yourshelf, a collection of 150+ book recommendations.